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Monthly Archives: April 2017

How to Add Azure Active Directory User to Local Admins

I keep running into this so I thought I would put it up here.

If you have a customer without on-premise Active Directory and they use Office 365, you can leverage that with Windows 10.  It is a bit cumbersome for some things, like adding users to the admin group.  Here is a workaround:

  1. Login as the AzureAD / Office 365 user you want to be a local admin. This introduces that user’s GUID to the system.
  2. Log out and login as a local admin user.
  3. Open a command prompt as Administrator and use this command, replacing the username:
    net localgroup administrators AzureAD\JohnSmith /add

Regarding the user name:  It isn’t the name they login in with.   This is the display name all run together.  For example, if they are listed as “Bill Jones” in the directory and they login as “bill_jones”, it would be “BillJones”.  If they are listed in the directory as “William Jones” (again the display name) but login as “bill_jones”, it would be “WilliamJones”.