Step by Step Directions for Techs

Manually truncate Exchange logs

Sometimes your Exchange backup just doesn’t seem to get around to truncating the log.  You can’t turn on circular logging because it prevents using differential and incremental backups.  What is a tech supposed to do?


Truncate the Exchange transaction logs manually.  Here’s how.

  1. Login to the Exchange mailbox server.
  2. Open the Exchange management shell (EMS).
  3. Open the Exchange management console (EMC).
  4. In the EMC, stop the database that you want to truncate the logs for.
  5. In EMS, run the command
    eseutil /MH “M:\Database Path\Mailbox store.edb”
  6. In the output, it will tell you what the database state is.  If it says “Clean Shutdown”, you can move all of the logs to another directory.  The logs you want to move start with EDB followed by a 5 digit hexadecimal number.
  7. In the EMS, start the database and test.

Typically, I save the logs for 12 hours before I delete them permanently, but I may be overly cautious.


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